We are ALL atoms vibrating on differant frequencies

Do you think that’s AIR that you’re breathing?

Subjective consciousness…
indestructible energy that is aware or ‘senses’ that it exists.

Your ‘body’ is consciousness vibrating in a repetitious pattern.

The pattern you call your ‘lungs’ is consciousness vibrating in a repetitious pattern.

The patterns we call ‘oxygen molecules’ are consciousness vibrating in repetitious
patterns and on and on.

and ultimately it’s all YOU.

See The Eternal Cycle for more on you.

Why is it empowering to change our mind about what’s really happening here?
To see everything as ‘consciousness’ instead of individual objects and people?

It frees our souls to leave the nest (body) and experience ourselves as multidimensional beings … the next stage in our evolution.

Our time in objective reality and individual forms was only a stepping-stone to develop the intelligence we needed to discover who we are, where we are, and what’s really going on

here, and now it’s time to move on to greater heights of awareness.

Your individual perspective, developed in an objective experience of three-dimensions, has evolved a morphogenetic field or ‘soul’ over countless lifetimes.

This next stage where we can go in and out of our three-dimensional forms does NOT mean we turn into one homogeneous sea of conscious bliss .. that’s about 150 trillion years down the road ( if the Hindus are correct in their counting ) when existence returns completely to it’s simpliest vibrational expression to rest before starting another cycle.

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