$183 000 Fine for Selling Raw Milk

The Suveran is a cafe/organic food store in Bondi Junction Sydney.

Its a meeting place for like-minded people where people learn and discover what real food is, free from all the nastys found in most cafes.

Unfortunately the owner and operator Pete Melov has just been fined $180 000 for selling RAW MILK. I have always been aware that diary is not the most beneficial thing for the human body but have been informed by raw food chefs that raw milk has many benefits. Being fined $180 000 is a huge sum so it led me to investigate raw milk more. This is what i have discovered:

(I know alot of people tend to skip "long" blogs so please see the summary below if you wish).

Milk History Summarised

A couple of hundred or more years ago, society was more agrarian. All the milk was as-is. Without processing and from open pasture grass fed cows. All dairy products were made from raw milk. It wasn't a problem for consumers. People were healthy.

Then as populations became less agrarian, small dairy farms were contained in crowded towns. Unhealthy and unsanitary crowded conditions with grain feeding, not your basic bovine food, were instituted. Those conditions attracted pathogens, and from that contaminated milk diseases began to emerge.

The real reasons for milk contamination were ignored. Unhealthy conditions in small urban dairy farms were not improved, and along came Pasteur whose germ theory became the foundation for killing those germs by killing the milk with heat!

The medical profession decided it's more profitable to treat diseases than improve the conditions that cause and sustain illness.

The milk in your fridge

Pasteurization of milk allows dairy farmers to create unhealthy muddy feces filled environments for their cows, forcing them into crowded feed conditions with grains, which are not basic bovine foods, and injecting the cows with hormones and antibiotics while not allowing them to graze in open pastures.

Those conditions produce more cheap milk and higher profits for dairy factory farms. With only the bottom line in mind, it makes sense to produce bad milk and then kill the germs by killing the milk with nutrient destroying heat. In addition to lacking nutrients, pasteurized milk causes health problems.

What is Pasteurization?

The milk from the cow is heated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. That is VERY HOT MILK. The enzyme that is critical to the absorption of calcium (and other minerals in milk) is destroyed. Its a massive misconception milk is good for calcium!

The heat also destroys digestive enzymes, inhibiting proper digestion of milk fats and creating mucous and phlegm in the body to attract disease. The probiotic digestive bacteria, or friendly flora, are also destroyed. The GI tract is well over half of the immune system. Live intestinal flora is needed to bolster that important section of the immune system.

Meanwhile, not quite dead pathogens could remain in the milk.

Basically, the milk you buy from the supermarket is devoid of any minerals or nutrients but instead harbors disease and illness! scary..

Dont blame the farmers either, as its 100% mandatory to pasteurized milk, or end up with a $180 000 fine from the Australian Government!


Although i choose organic rice milk and on the rare occasion soy milk (Although soy should be avoided on a regular basis due to the very high estrogen levels) the benefits of raw milk can NOT go unnoticed :) Lets have a look.

Raw milk from clean, healthy cows bears no comparison – in taste or nutrition – to pasteurized milk.

* Raw cow's milk has all 20 of the standard amino acids.
* Raw milk contains lactoferrin, which is an iron-binding protein for improved absorption of iron and also anti-cancer properties.
* Contains CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated omega 6 fatty acid which has many health benefits such as raising the metabolic rate, strengthening the immune system, lowering food allergy reactions, and is also a cancer-fighting agent among other things.
* Contains vitamins and minerals including calcium which has many benefits in itself including reduction in cancer, lower risk of osteoporosis, higher bone mineral density, strong teeth, and lowered risk of kidney stones.
* Sixty-plus fully intact and functional enzymes.
* Contains beneficial bacteria.

It’s not uncommon for people who drink raw milk to report improvement or disappearance of troubling health issues – everything from allergies to digestive trouble to skin problems like eczema.

Pasteurized milk was the very first processed food we were exposed to, and countless numbers of people are experiencing all kinds of health troubles, from digestive upset to perhaps even autism.


The milk you buy from the supermarket has absolutely no health benefits whats so ever and is devoid of providing calcium.

The medical profession decided it's more profitable to heat milk up to incredibly high temperatures to kill treat diseases than improve the conditions that cause and sustain illness.

Pasteurized milk (the milk you buy) has been heated to incredible high temperatures, 165 degrees Fahrenheit to kill pathogens and germs whilst killing all other minerals.

Raw Milk contains trace elements and minerals that are anti-cancer causing and provide MANY health benefits, yet remains illegal.

Pasteurized milk was the very first processed food we were exposed to, and countless numbers of people are experiencing all kinds of health troubles, from digestive upset to perhaps even autism.


  1. I love your post - thank you so much - you didn't waffle, you told it like it is and explained it so well

    have a lovely day

    (a person get's off jail sentencing for MUCH worse crimes and fines of pathetic small amounts - yet someone selling raw milk gets fined 1/3 or a house value!)




  2. Wonderful blog post under sad circumstances. I've always preached the benefits of raw milk - shame modern and oh so smart man has had to ruin another great thing of nature. Thank you for this post.

  3. The things that must be remembered is - cows milk is for cows. Just as human milk is for humans. Cows don't lactate unless they have given birth.. the more demand there is for milk, more cows are artificially raped - there babies are taken from them but kept at a distance ( they have to take the baby away or it will drink all the milk - they keep it at a distance so the women lactate cause they just want to feed their baby ) - there is NO such thing as organic friendly milk. And there are great alternatives anyway, soy, almond, oat and rice. :)

  4. So can raw milk cure my autism since I got it from drinking normal milk?