A Time to EVOLVE

In this 21st century humankind has created copious amounts of new technology’s and material objects that ‘advance’ our society. However, there are more lifestyle illness and diseases ever before, more stress and more conflict.

To top it off, we are facing tremendous changes in our natural world, such as global warming, polluted waterways, rising sea levels and animal extinction. What have we done to ourselves and our planets? The increasing demand for consumption and consumerism has pushed our environment to the brink, and pushed humankind to the edge.

Basically as a society we are extracted natural resources from the environment to feed our desire for material products. In the past decade alone one third of the worlds natural resources has been consumed…gone… We are cutting, and mining and hawling and trashing the place so fast that we are undermining the planets very ability to live here. A staggering 80% of the world’s original forests are gone. In the Amazon alone we are losing 2000 trees a minute. So if you do the math’s you can work out how many trees has been cut down after reading this blog.

How is it that Australian aborigines lived in harmony with the environment for over 40 000 years, and yet, we have only been here for just over 200 years and we have already done so much damage to our environment, and our self’s. Our society today survives on constructs such as banks, courts, government, bills, statutes, money, insurance, machinery, engines, skyscrapers, concrete, steel, plastic, careers, titles, standings and much more. Human beings have become preoccupied with the material life, and in this process have lost their soul purpose. Unfortunately people have become consumed by expectations and belief systems that engross them, becoming unsatisfied and unfulfilled in their lives.

Perhaps, we need to take notes from the American Indians, Australian Aborigines, the Incas, and the Mayans, and start to live a more simply life in harmony with nature and one another.

Unfortunately this notion of living in harmony with the environment has been destroyed, and some suggest this is due to mass consumerism. More and more people are purchasing products that they believe will bring them happiness; however we consume far more than we need to survive.

Human life exists here because of animals, trees, air, water and land. Science, technology and Industrialization have destroyed all these things. It is quite obvious that human life is coming to a bleak end very soon, if we do not change the way we are currently living.

As you read and explore this blog, I ask you all to reflect. Give a thought to your spiritual and emotional connection to this land and the people that surround you.
We are all gifted people. Every single person that reads this has something to offer to the planet.

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