The program to make us forget who we really are, what we are really part of and our purpose

There is no doubt that we have been programmed in a way that distracts us away from our purpose, as we work to serve the artificial world we live in.

Author and teacher, Allan Yarrington of Byron Bay NSW said people have been brainwashed by consumerism, TV, institutions and pharmaceutical companies, and this has created a very secular and detached society.

"We are like an ant colony that has been given a different program so that, instead of putting all our energy/power of creation into constructing our ant hill and feeding each other and our young, we forget to do our part in the plan (the dream) that ensures the safety and well being of our fellow ants and start to think only of our-selves” Mr Yarrington said.

“When all the ants’ think only of them-selves, the anthill does not get built, not everyone gets fed and the babies are left with no one to look after them” he said.

“The dream of the ant world falls into a state of chaos, collapses and finally fades away into oblivion” he said.

Although this is analogy, it seems to resemble what is happening around us.

Local artist and dancer, Bonny Jane, believes there has to be a shift in our consciousness, otherwise our world, and us, will deteriorate.

“The ancient Mayans prophesied the evolution of man, the growing developments in technology, the climate changes and the loss of human kinds sense of self” Miss Jane said.

“They also prophesied that there will be a huge shift in human consciousness, whereby some people will move forward, while other may not” she said.

“We can already see this happening in the world, with people waking up and questioning their governments, belief systems and themselves” she said.

With the average person changing careers at least fourteen times in their live, perhaps they are searching for a life with more depth and meaning.

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