Journey to the edge of the Universe

I was out at dinner the other night with some friends, the topic of conversation moved towards our galaxy and the universe as a whole.

I have always found these topics of conversations incredibly exciting but I have come to realise it scares a lot of people.

Its is incredible just how little we know about this magnificent, weird, beautiful, bizarre universe we all live in.

We tend to focus on our daily happenings of our lifes and forgot that when we walk, talk, sleep or eat we are on a planet-in a galaxy that is flying through space.

This is a short clip to remind you of the magnificence of our existence.


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  1. This is just amazing. Thank you Elisha for sharing this and reminding me of the magnificence of our existence! It makes me feel very close to all human beings and that we are all so connected with each other, on this tiny planet in this MASSIVE universe. Liana xo